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PICC Sleeves & Covers

iM Sports PICC covers come in a broad range of styles, sizes and colors to choose from. They are proudly made in the USA and the nylon/spandex fabric blend keeps them cool in the heat. An iM Sports PICC sleeve will also stay firmly in place all day long!

picc sleeve or picc cover

iM Sports PICC Line Sleeves:

  • Fabric Blend Stays Cool
  • 4 sizes to fit you WELL
  • No-Slip Elastic Grip
  • Durable and Comfortable

picc cover or picc sleeve

iM Sports sleeves were originally designed to help athletes keep their muscles warm through mild compression. However, several of our customers with PICC lines discovered how durable and comfortable they were. Now, we also sell iM Sports sleeves as a PICC sleeve. Our fabric blend keeps them cool in the heat and the elastic gripper at the top of each PICC cover keeps them in place during daily activities.

Dealing with a PICC line is hard enough without having to worry about securing it all day. iM Sports PICC sleeves come in several SKIN TONES as well as vibrant colors and patterns and they even provide sun protection. Check out our Full Arm Sleeves and protect your PICC line!

Protect Your PICC Line:
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Featured Review for iM Sports PICC Sleeve Cover:

“My adult son had to wear PICC line for over 2 months, while receiving IV medicines at home. The line was put in at the hospital and they provided an elastic fishnet like band to cover the PICC line which did not work. The iM Sports 3/4 sleeve is what we went with and it was way better than anything else I have found. It was so easy to order and we had it within a couple of days. It protected the PICC line from catching on things and also kept the area clean.”
Customer, Pennsylvania